Friday, 20 July 2018

Improve your Sales. Join our Business Network

SME Biz Connect is a social network web application that connects clients to skilled workers with ease. It was built to improve the link between small business owners and new clients.

The followings are features of this great web applications

  1. It is free and simple to use
  2. Business listing in this platform is completely free  of charge
  3. Business owners (SMEs) can build list of business followers when users join their "orb" (or circle). An orb is a business circle. Only members of your business orb can see the update you have posted to your wall in your profile
  4. Users can search for any skills or local business like welder, web designer, etc or a business name like Omercraft Nigeria, etc. Users can also search for names like  James, John, etc
  5. Business owners can create an online album of all their products and the past jobs they have done
  6. Every user have a unique page that displays their profile
  7. And many more

Improve your Sales. Join our Business Network: Join our social media business network and get connected with new clients with ease click here to register

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